Zane Bartlett

Working on the "Are you One in a Million?" app

A Screenshot of AYOIAM


Source Code

As a software engineer captivated by the potential of data, I embarked on a project to create "Are you one in a million?" - an interactive application that merges programming and data analysis. The journey was not just about writing code, but about molding diverse data sources into a form that provides meaningful insights.

In creating "Are you one in a million?", I aimed to create an interactive tool that lets users find fun and interesting insights into different population attributes. The application utilizes various averages and data from different studies, not raw data. This means the datasets provide a generalized picture, offering broad strokes rather than a hyper-detailed analysis. Within these broad strokes though, fascinating insights still emerge. The goal being to offer a fun way to dive into demographics and attributes of our nation.

My challenges involved calculations from gender distribution in different age brackets to height analysis based on standard deviations and normal distribution assumptions. The app presents a general average of household income, a feature I plan to refine by introducing education, ethnicity, and sex breakdowns. The application also explores other various attributes.

Developing "Are you one in a million?" was a journey filled with learning, problem-solving, and discovery. I hope that it offers users an enjoyable and insightful way to explore data and appreciate the fascinating diversity that characterizes our population.